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Extr. Kopf 2M20CoEx frei.png
Extr. Kopf 2MF6-20 frei.png
Extr. Kopf 2MFL150 frei.png

Extrusion heads

  • Crossheads, Straight Heads

  • Single- and Co-Extrusion, Multilayer

  • Fluoropolymer

  • Silicone

  • Rubber

  • Graphite

  • Flat cable, Packaging tape

  • Color changing systems

  • Spare parts for all head types

Extr. Werkzeuge frei.png

Extrusion tooling

  • matching all standard head sizes and custom design

  • steel, hard metal, diamond

  • Fluoropolymers

  • Profile

  • Flat cable  tooling

  • Compacting dies

  • Drawing dies in NCD, PCD, NANO diamond

  • Folding dies

  • Surface coating LFC – Low Friction Coating for reduction of die drool


Extruder  Screws and Barrels   


  • for all makes and sizes of extruders

  • Bi-Metal, nitrided, fluororesistant

  • Single and double screw technology

  • Grooved feeding zones


Extrusions- Accessories                                              

  • Beaker plates

  • Bypass

  • Extruder clamps

  • Cable spools

  • Vacuum pumps

  • Jelly filling systems

  • Mechanical Optical Fibre cable testing equipment


Extrusion Coating Lines                                                        

  • Cables

  • Packing Tapes

  • Corrugated Conduits

  • Custom solutions

Cable Machinery                             


  • KHU manufacturing program

  • Pay off, cooling bath, caterpillar, take up

  • SZ stranding and screening

  • High speed copper tape binder

  • Crossbinder

  • Tape pay off longitudinal

  • PTFE Paste extrusion

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